Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Board Date Box is a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box for couples who enjoy board games. To find out more click here.

  • Lots! In each box is brand new  2+ player board game. The rest of the products are usually themed around that game (including the food, if possible.) The other products include snacks to eat, photo props for perfect memories, and a 2 person surprise!

  • Unfortunately no. It’s a pretty cool box, huh? Actually, each month is themed differently. Meaning each month the box has NEW products. So you could subscribe forever and you will always receive something new!

    (Some themes may occasionally repeat 1+ year(s) later – should you already have the game in the box we will try our best to provide something new!)

  • No! See answer above.

  • We prefer not to describe our box as a “value box”, but rather as a discovery box for board games and a date night all in one!

    That being said, the box is roughly the price of the average board games that will be in the boxes.** Meaning, you pay the price of the board game and we provide you with the entire date night themed around the surprise board game!

    **The retail price of the game may vary box to box, not every box will have a board game worth €50+. However, we will compensate for the price of the board game by providing more/or better date night products.

  • At the moment we only ship within Europe to the countries listed here.  We hope to expand further in the future. Send us an email at with the subject “Keep Me Updated” and your country name to be updated when we expand to new countries!

  • *Temporarily the store is in maintenance. Subscriptions will be available starting in November*

    For each box we offer the following payment plans: (Price of 1 box gets cheaper the longer you subscribe!)

    • Month to Month (Pay the month the box is shipped. See shipping schedule)
    • 2 Month Pre-Pay (Pay once for 2 boxes, receive boxes in the next 2 shipments)
    • 3 Months Pre-Pay (Pay once for 3 boxes, receive boxes in the next 3 shipments)
    • Annual (Pay yearly for ALL 6 boxes throughout the year!)
  • *Temporarily the store is in maintenance. Gifting will be available starting in November.*

    Of course! Board Date Box is the perfect gift for a couple who likes board games, on any occasion. Gift a box here. (link coming soon)

  • At Board Date Box we work our hardest to provide everyone with games they do not already own. To do this, we ask that you fill out your owned board game library on your profile page.

    Each month we will choose 2 (maybe 3) games in a theme and send subscribers the game they do not own. If you own both of these already, we will work to find an alternative that you do not own. It will also be possible to choose from remaining stock on previous games in our boxes, if you wish to do this instead.

    *Although we promise to work our hardest to provide every subscriber with new games, it is not always guaranteed. However, should this become an issue, we will always communicate with the subscriber to find a solution.*

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Frequently Asked Questions