Board Date Vacation in Amsterdam

Board Date Box Couple Board Date Vacation

Board Date Vacation in Amsterdam

This summer was VERY busy with the launch of Board Date Box. Meaning, we were unable to go far for vacation. Instead, we took a trip to the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam 🇳🇱! Timo has family that let us stay at their home while they were away for a few days. When we got there we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted to do and we hadn’t really planned anything. So we decided to look for a board game shop🕵️‍♀️🕵 and have a Board Date Night!

The Gamekeeper – ‘De Spellen-Specialist van Amsterdam’

Eventually, we stumbled across one of the quaintest shops I’ve ever seen. At first glance, The Gamekeeper shop looked like it was not going to have advanced board games😬. Rather, the moment you walk in it looks like you have entered a children’s toy store. They have a HUGE selection of toys, puzzles, and board games for children. But THEN🎲🙆🙆‍♂️…. walk in a little further and find a even LARGER selection of any type of board game you can think of, slightly hidden behind the packed shelved for children. There were so many games it was hard to look at all of them, let alone choose one🤯.

They have many board and card games in Dutch, as well as in English. The staff was helpful, friendly, and enjoyed a good chat about board games👋. We would definitely recommend to any of our Board Date Couples to drop by and check out The Gamekeeper’s awesome selection if you ever happen to be in Amsterdam. Play your games and share your Board Date Night with us to be featured!

You can find them at:
Hartenstraat 14
1016 CB Amsterdam

instagram would you rather board date night

Board Date Night – Would You Rather?

You may have seen our Board Date Night Wednesday Would You Rather posts on social media (sometimes not posted on Wednesdays ☺ We choose two games completely not related (but equally awesome). Then pit them against each other in a SAVAGE social media Would You Rather game🥊💢🥊. Take the post here for example ➡

🤔HARD, right? How could you choose between those two games?

Find more examples at #BoardDateNightWYR – What would you choose?

Well, now you can understand how we felt in The Gamekeeper. We have a very small personal collection of games, hence the reason we were looking for something like Board Date Box. So when we entered the shop looking for a new game, we had many on our list. There just happened to be almost EVERY game on our list!!!😶 Many of which were hard-to-find games, which were unfortunately out of our budget for this trip.

After probably 40 minutes of debating and discussing we narrowed it down to 2 reasonably priced games. We were still considering looking at other shops for games so we only wanted to buy 1 game. The time for the final decision had come for us,(mostly because we were in there for an awkwardly long amount of time.) So the question is – What would you choose?👊✋✌

👍Rivals for Catan 


CodeNames Duet❤




The Final Decision

It ended up being that we still could not decide… so we bought them both🤷🤷🤷‍♂️! We kind of lost the game, but we definitely scored onRivals for Catan Codename Duet two FANTASTIC games😂! (Reviews to come.) After purchasing them we went home for the day and had our Board Date Night on a balcony over-looking the sea🏝.

🛑But that’s not all! We were so impressed by The Gamekeeper that we decided to go back again the next day instead of looking at other places. This time we went back for a specific game. Can you guess which game we got from the picture?🤔


Stay tuned for more & don’t forget to share your #BoardDateNight on social media!